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How do I know if she likes me?

Published on May 6, 2012 by bosfan1122

I'm torn and I don't know what to do.  I have formed an amazing friendship with a girl who would absolutely be perfect for me.  We love spending time together we talk constantly and we both make each other very very happy.  Our personalities and values are very similar and we compliment each other really well. I would love for our friendship to become a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, and I think it would be amazing.  There are two concerns that I have.  First: although she has told me that I make her happy and she loves talking to me and spending time with me and she thinks I'm great and I'll be a great husband/father some day I'm not sure if she means this just as a friend or if she has any desire to move the relationship into something more. Second there is a ten year age difference between us and I don't know if this would be an issuue for her.  It wouldn't be fore me at all because most people who don't already know our ages would never know that we were any more then 3-4 years apart. I guess I'm concerned about what her family would say as well, especially knowing that I would probably be taken aback if my sister dated someone ten years older than her.

 The chemistry between us is great, I can't imagine not talking to her every day and although I've had several girlfriends I've never connected with any of them the way I have with her and I've never felt the way I do when I think about her (which is all the time).  I don't know what to do because I would never want to hurt our friendship but I think we would be a great couple and we would both be very happy.  How do I proceed with this? 


When she says, "you'd make a good husband/father one day", does she pat you on the back or rub you on the back?

Actually, it is that simple if she is over 21 and has finished her education. It will tell you exactly what she thinks. Instead of wondering, worrying, and going on the Internet message boards, you'll actually know what the next steps are.

She will tell you what the obstacles are, for example, if her family objects to you. Then you can try to figure out how to win them over.