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How do I keep my relationship strong through deployment??

Published on December 9, 2010 by shyfairy

My husband and I got married right before he was deployed for a year. I was just wondering if there are any ideas on how we can keep our relationship strong while he is away. I have always needed a lot of attention from someone I was with and even though he may not be here he still gives me that attention. But I feel as though maybe I dont always return the favor. So I would like to know how I can still show him that he is loved even though he is not here?


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First of all, please allow me to congratulate you on your marriage and thank you for the sacrifice both you and your husband are making on behalf of those of us here at home. How wonderful he still finds ways to connect so you continue to feel that special bond. Perhaps instead of looking at it as returning the favor, you might consider what actions you can take that express your love for him.

You are investing time considering the importance of keeping the relationship strong which is a great first step. You can't take action without awareness. Ask yourself, how in the past have you shown your husband you care for him? Love notes or letters? Purchasing or making small gifts? Snuggling up to watch a favorite movie or listening to a great mix of music?

It is easy to get creative these days with technology. What kind of care package can you put together of his favorite things plus some daily needed items that remind him of home? What about burning a CD of your favorite songs or sending a dvd of a film you both enjoyed watching together with a note of what it reminds you of?

Try to remember times in the past when something you've done has netted an enthusiastic response then have fun creating something special to send him that fits his personality and shows you have paid attention to his likes. If you haven't had enough time yet to really know this, then simply ask him. It will create the opportunity to encourage open communication between you two which will help when he returns home and you re-integrate your day to day lives again. Wishing you all the best with keeping your love connection.

Wonderful advice, I would also suggest contacting his/your base or equivalent, for networking with other wives in your position. They may have something special going on that can join.