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How do I introduce my older boyfriend to my family?

Published on August 4, 2012 by leahsilver

Okay, I met my boyfriend when I was 17 (i know I know) and he was 28 (i know I know!) and we have been together for a good while now, but in secret of course because of the age difference. Our relationship is great, we laugh, love, and we are both responsible and are WELL aware of the consequences that can arise due to the 11 year bridge between us. (To answer the burning question: no we are not engaging in intercourse. We both agreed it was too risky for now) I am now 19 (him- turning 30 soon) and he wants to go public with our relationship. Me myself im ok with it, I have already meet his parents, and siblings and they accept me as his girlfriend and love me as family.

But I am having trouble finding a good way to introduce him to my parents-...they sort of.. Put the MENTAL in "judgemental". When it comes to the relationships of their children, they are never satisfied. (there are 5 of us, 2 older brothers, me the only daughter, and then 2 younger brothers) my oldest brother is married with a baby on the way and our parents still disapprove of his wife to this day.

How can I introduce my boyfriend to my parents without them "flippin the **** out" (sorry for the expression but I dont know an easier way to express their soon-to-be reaction)