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Published on November 13, 2013 by capergirl

I was with the love of my life for 5 years we were Together since we were 16 and just recently we broke up after I had moved in with him he started to act werid and said he wanted to try new things and he told me he wanted time apart and that he didn't love me anymore. After just a week he was already with someone else. Me acting like a typical girl I freaked out and texted and called non stop ending in him calling the cops to tell me to stop calling. The werid part was that I heard he was telling people he had a restraining order against meso I went to the police station to ask and they said they had asked him if he wanted to get one and he wouldn't. We haven't spoke in 3 weeks but I have seen him out with this new girl and he just starred at me.


Pressed enter before I was done.. So do you think he still has feelings for me and how do I get him back?

Dear Capergirl,

He said he's no longer interested. I know that's hard to swallow after being together for so long, but that is reality. Continuing to try to get him back after he already made it clear he is not interested, AND having the police involved makes you look desperate and borders on stalking. This is not healthy behavior.

Do yourself a favor, block his facebook, delete his #, don't go to places you went together. You need to quit him cold turkey and constantly checking up on him is like emotional cutting; you're just keeping the wound open and not healing. Move on has he clearly has before you drive yourself nuts. You need to accept that it is over. If need be, seek the help of a trusted friend or therapist to get over it. I know it hurts, but the pain will eventually fade with time.

-YourTango Expert

It's hard, but you need to accept that he is no longer interested in a relationship with you. Try to let it go as graciously as you can.