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How do I get time alone with a guy?

Published on November 2, 2010 by kittykate

A guy that I have a crush was always flirting with me over the summer. Now that school's started, he's spending all of his time hanging with his new friends, and playing soccer. How do I get him to come over, and how can I get him to pay more attention to me? Should I ignore him more? Or does that not work as well as people say?


don't ignore him, i think you need to show him that you like him and that you are interested in him. he was flirting with you, so he probably likes you. find a reason to talk to him. if there's some event happening at school, ask him - Hey, are you planning to go to that event? or ask him how his soccer game/practice went? do you have any classes together? maybe you can suggest studying together after school. or maybe you can ask him to explain you a part of the lesson you didn't quite get (even if you do understand the lesson). or work on a group project together.

Try grab his attention by doing what interest him, means that you can do crazy stuff to grab his attention. If it doesn't work, try criticize him openly in the Internet or in the word of mouth in any way that so this will certainly grab his attention. Try doing until he felt that he need an alone time with you, to talk about your action. Tak'da mission accomplish, now you have alone time with him.