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How do I get over my ex who is now dating my brothers ex gf?

Published on March 25, 2013 by advice101

My ex of 2 years and I broke it off about 9 months ago due to us being far apart and me being in college. We stayed connected until about 2 months ago when we decided to let go and stop communicating as much. He contacted me 20+ times since then, and I never, not even once, contacted him, he always contacted ME. He kept asking how I was, who I was 'with', and if I had had sex yet.. I decided to wait for a good time and a good person to have it with. It's not that he wasn't good enough, but there wasn't a good time to since we weren't allowed to be dating when we were. So, here I am, a virgin, worried that he has already had sex, when he told me he didn't yet, but now he has moved back to my hometown and is living with my brothers ex gf, and I am worried sick that he has given into her. Why am I so concerned about this ?? It is so wrong he went off with her, mainly for the reason to have a free place to live as he has no money. Help! He confessed his love to me over the phone 2 weeks ago, and said he's sill crazy about me. How do I handle this ?? I am always so tempted to look at her Instagram and see photos of them. Help..