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How do i get over him

Published on February 5, 2013 by pr1ncess4eva

I was with my boyfriend for nearly a year..i did everything for him..when i first got with him he had just got out of a relationship with his ex girlfriend who he loved very much..their relationship was on and off..i was with him for a year..i spent everyday with him and met his family..he told me he wanted to marry me..about a month ago he started to become distant..i added his ex girlfriend on facebook and finally got the courage to talk to her..she told me they had been talking for a month and he told me they dont talk..she also did not know that we broke up just yesterday as he told her we broke up a month ago when he got back in contact with her ..he told me just yesterday he doesnt want a relationship with neither me or her and wants to concentrate on other things in his life..but today i found out they have got back together a day after we broke up..i am so heartbroken i do not know what to do..(he cheated on her twice) the reason they broke up..he never cheated on me and told me i was his everything..what can i do to get over him and her being back together..i am so hurt i cannot even describe the pain..we were supposed to get married..i am so confused