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How do i get over this heartbreak?

Published on October 16, 2012 by x3_jasmine

I have been crushing on this boy in my class named Vinnie since the first day of school. Just last week we started dating but throughout our days of the relationship, he would not hold my hand, walk with me, kiss me or show me any feelings in front of people. I confronted him about it and he said he is shy around people. So yesterday in class, we were watching a movie and he held my hand. My friend was like Awww! And vin got mad and stormed off to his bus without me. I cryed when i got home. He texted me and said at least we held hands. I said yeah but you didnt have to leave me like that. We soon got into a fight and he broke up with me explaining im not his type, hes not ready to be in a relationship because he is too shy and we are not a good couple. Reading this from a TEXT MESSAGE i got mad and sad because literally i freaking love him. People say you cant fall in love in a week but i did. I have also been fighting with my mom to let me date him and all of it was for nothing. Later last night, he said he still likes me. I said well vinny, it was your choice to break up with me, i dont know what to tell you. So he said can we be friends w/benefits like hold hands? Im like no because i will grow more feelings. Last night also we agreed to try and be friends since out friendship was good. But today he didnt say anything to me at all, and my friend told him that i was sad. And he said I DONT CARE. I really got mad and wanted to cry :( Please help, how do i get over him? I still have feelings for him. I dont know how to get over him. And plus i have to see his face everyday until January.


Obviously this guy has no clue what he wants,so I say you're better off without him. Plus, since it's obvious by your post that you're still in high school,I don't think you should be in such a rush to commit to just one person. You're young and you have plenty of time for that. When it's the right time,you WILL find the one for you. Until then,just enjoy being a kid,don't be in such a hurry to grow up,TRUST ME! Praying for the best for you. God Bless! :)

Thank you so much! Its hard to get over him because i have to see him everyday but i will try :) Thank you so much for the helpful advice.