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How do I get my wife to want better sex?

Published on April 27, 2009 by t.l.

My wife and I sex life is boring as hell.She do not even try to spice it up.It is so bad that when we have sex,I have to use KY Jelly to get it inside cause she want let me touch or rub her.It is just get on top {from behind},and do my business and go to sleep.I am trying to be faithfull but this is taking a toll on me.I need help.I can't touch her and we do not have any foreplay.I cannot take much more and need someone to help me to solve this or my marriage of nine years will end soon.She want even bend to meet my needs so why do I even bother? I am a man that need sex and want good sex and I love my wife,but this has gotton the best of me and I am trying to hold on and be faithfull.Can someone please HELP Me???????


I think you should talk to her and tell her. I will if i dnt like it i will tell her you have to have good sex with your man if not he is going to get it some where else i am with you and i am a woman

I don't believe threatening to find another woman is the answer to better sex. I would encourage you and your wife to go for counseling. If she doesn't want to go, then you should go without her. Best wishes.

try playing little games. like ask her to write down on note card things she would like you to do to her or her to do to you and you do the same. then once a week or however often pick one out of a hat and try it. you may find something fun you both like.

try complementing her body and tell her how beautiful she is. in the bedroom and out of it. a woman needs to feel wanted and loved before she can really let herself go.

or tell her that tonight it is all about her. tell her that you want to do whatever she wants. maybe she has never had a real orgasm, which is hard for some women.

and last but not least talk to her about it. tell her that you love her and want to be close to her and that this is coming between you two having an even better stronger relationship.

Why doesn't your wife want you to touch her? Did she have a bad experience with sex before she met you? I think counseling is a good idea.

You could also ask her what she would like you to do.

Instead of focusing the sex between you and your wifw being so crappy, why don't you try to reduce her overall stress by maybe cleaning the house or making dinner or something to make her life a bit easier. She will probably be more open to talking about your sex life. If you make an effort to understand your wifes point of veiw, she may become more loving with you, just a thought.