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how do i get my husband to enjoy sex like i do ?

Published on May 12, 2013 by keb1910

my husband and me have had a decent sex life up until a few months ago I don't know if its because of stress but I have a decent libido and want to do it constantly sometimes and I don't mean like all day what I mean is two or three times in a day sometimes but recently he has never been in the mood and when I try to get him in the mood he shrugs me off sometimes . He feels its not normal for women to want it more only once and a while I need help turning him on and actually enjoying himself with me .


I may be wrong but based on what i have heard from married friends; they say in the beginning of the relationship there is sex everyday, and sometimes 3-5 times a day, but then after the women become more demanding or arguements ensue over how she wants "HER" house run, not his and her house, women try to use sex as a manipulator and men felt rejected and shut out. Apparently those disagreements make women try to teach the man a lesson so the man instead of beggin just learn to live with getting sex whenever she wants it to avoid an argument. Now your claiming after you've trained him not to want sex like he "USED TO" in the beginning he should now want to have sex at your request (??) See ladies its a double edge sword when you condition men to act and behave a certain way for leverage, but then when you are feeling freaky you want him to just snap Well luckily for you there is herbal product called "Yohimbe" which is from the bark of a tree in africa that helps men to regain that primal animalistic urge where they will be very in the mood for sex. It can be found on puritanpride dot com. they are 500mg, and usually what me and my friends do is open the capsules and pour half in a fruit juice like 3 hours prior to any sexual stimuli. There has to be some give and take here and let him take charge of the "situation". He may also feels once he appeases you your only gonna change up again an try to take back control. He has plenty of reasons to feel(conflicted,insecure,angry, or that your playing a head game to make him feel inadequate) He is a typical man aware that your sending mixed signals. He may feel this is just a phase, so you shouldn't try to boss him into this new sexual comfort zone because we men know women moods can change and your back to the once every other month so he may be cautious of even trying to get freaky. no man likes to be teased and then rejected and thats unfortunately how he has felt. now if you apologize for using sex as a hostage negotiator over past disagreements and be specific ( you decreased or stopping wanting sex when a) you didn't get what you expected for mothers day or valentines day,and b) you stopped or decreased sex when he refused to "whatever" women know all the situations they rejected the guy or said they had a headache and now you have to undo all that first, it takes honesty to create a new sexual relationship