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How do I get my boyfriend to go to the doctor?

Published on October 3, 2013 by doodlebug

My boyfriend of 2 years came home from work a couple of weeks ago telling me that he hit is head and was wearing a hard hat. He said his neck was sore. We didn't give it much thought, a few days later, he got the "flu" or we assume he did. He woke up with pain/tingling/numbness in his joints so bad that he cannot sleep at night. He sleeps maybe 3 hours. We actually thought he was allergic to motrin, but I'm now wondering if he is or there is another problem. He refuses to go see the doctor. He is 44 and can make his own decision. But in the meantime, it is really starting to effect our relationship. We never argue, til now. I know it is because we are both frustrated with whatever is wrong with him. Any suggestions on how I can get him to go to the doctor without causing him to be more upset???? Thanks!!!!