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How do I get a man to leave his wife?

Published on August 1, 2009 by fancy cat

I've been dating this guy for 2 yrs now. He says he loves me & he's trying to leave his wife but can't because his daughter is living with them & has kids. He's afraid his wife will something stupid.


The only one doing something stupid is you! No......stupid is too kind a word. Do you really think he ever plans to leave his family? This is a grown man with grandchildren.....if he wanted to leave..... its a free country.

You've wasted two years of your life aleady......and, hey, wait, I know whats going on....this is a joke, right? No one could be this foolish.

Trust me, men are creatures of desire and if he desired to be with you and without his wife and children, it would have happened already. If he "loved" you, he would let nothing stand in his way, not his wife or his children. Meanwhile, you should take the time to think about why you want to be with a man who is unfaithful. And don't just think about his wife, when you have children, you need to remain faithful to your family. It does not help his children when he's in your bed instead of trying to fix or end his relationship with his wife. How could you be with a man who has so little respect for the little ones he brought into this world? A real man takes care of his business at home before getting into some other woman's business. That means that he tells his wife AND his children that he's found someone who means more to him than they do and that he's leaving. He gives her divorce papers and offers her the closure that she needs to take care of their children.

If it sounds like I'm being harsh, it's because I am. Adults have the opportunity to fool around with each other's feelings and hurt each other. You owe nothing to his wife, but you know he has kids and you feel that it's more important for him to be with you than with his family, and that is unacceptably selfish. You are trying to find out how to make a more concerted effort to pull im away from his family. I have an Idea, then. Go to his house while he's having dinner with his famly, bang on the door and then tell his wife and kids that he's leaving them for you, no doubt that if she's half as wise as you are, she'll kick him out and he'll be all yours.

He's using you. End of story. He's never going to leave her. You're his little something on the side. Move on and find a man who is unmarried and respects you. Or at least has the balls to not lie and cheat on people.

why would you even begin a relationship with someone who is already married anyway, what do you think would happen if he did leave his wife, are you thinking that he would be faithful to you because i HIGHLY doubt that, you need to go be with someone who isnt already married or in a relationship this guy is never going to leave his wife or they would have been separated when you started fooling around.

He hasn't left her for two years and he's telling you he's not going to leave her. It doesn't matter why he isn't going to leave her, the point is he won't. He has things the way he wants them now.

When you get involved with a married man you need to remember a few things. He once told his wife he loved her and made huge promises to her. He built a life with her. Now he is cheating on her - he lies to her about you and he breaks his promises to her with you. Instead of dealing with his problems in his marriage, he turns to you.

This shows you how he will treat you. He lies to you about her and his relationship with her. He breaks his promise to you to leave her. Instead of dealing with problems with you, he just goes back and forth between the two of you. Remember, he loves her, too.