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How do I get him to leave me alone now??

Published on October 7, 2010 by t.mora

I recently started dealing back with a guy that I knew was in a bad situation(financially,carless,jobless) it's probably been about a month now.. Here lately he has been accussing me of cheating and trying to be controling for instance telling me he doesn't want me to go to the gym that I been going to for months he wants me to go else where.. Obviously he wants me to inconvenience myself to satisfy his needs which I was not willing to do at all.. Any ways I took all the false assumptions as a red flag I contacted his so called female friend back in his home town and questioned her about there friendship.. The only reason I did that is because one day he sent me a text that was intentionally meant for her since he had been accussing me of multiple things I figured he was the guilty one and was trying to ease his guilty conscience by accussing me.. Come to find out he is still involved w/her she came down about a month ago,not only does he have 1 child he has 2,he has a past history of being a liar,cheater and abuser..To top all that off he is bi-polar which he admitted to and the girl did as well.. How do I get him to leave me alone?? I have not spoken to him in 3 days he keeps calling,texting trying to pull a guilt trip and being very manipulative.My mind is set I am not dealing w/him nor do I feel like hearing his excuses for stringing me along and being dishonest he can't clean up whats been said or done I'm done with it.. Should I just keep ignoring him,change my number???


from theese men i actully run as far as i can. especially if they have abusive past. if you can block his number from your phone. if cant change your number. and stay away from him. if he knows where you live and/or work, always have a pepper spray or other self defence object near you. you can never be sure :D so all to all do everything to assuse that youre safe from his abuses and he cant do this to you again.

You may need to get a protective order against him. The other thing that eats at me is this: why would you intentionally deal with a guy who you know had nothing to offer you? I think that you need to look at something going on your mind that caused you to go backwards. I realize that everyone can go through a roguh patch in life from time to time, but the stuff that he has going on is all the more reason to leave him alone and let him get his life together.

You deserve better. You have to tell yourself that, and you have to believe it. You can value yourself without being conceited.

This man is clearly TOXIC! End all contact and all ways he has of contacting you. Yes, change your phone number. If you fear for your safety in any way contact the authorities and file a restraining order.

Is this part of a pattern you play out in relationships?

If yes, then there is some work for you to do with your relationship with yourself so you can receive the love you desire.

Most of us continue to play out the same story over and over again creating what is familiar to us. It is possible to break old patterns so you can have what you desire. Working with a professional who works with the subconscious is the key to ending negative patterns.

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Love and Abundance, Orna and Matthew