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how do i get him back and keep him forever?

Published on March 22, 2011 by mm19

My ex and I broke up about 3 months ago and i want him back, we have a son so we see each other every week twice a week but he left me for the girl hes dating now. when things get touch he runs, which is when he started talking to the girl hes dating, and when he left me. Now sometimes its like he misses me and other times he doesnt want to talk to me, i know he misses me but i dont know how to change it and get him back and make sure he doesnt run again. how do i fix this, and have him not get scared and leave? I need to get him to want to come back but i dont know how to do that? so any advice would be great and much appreciated from me and my son and his dad later now lol :)


Cheaters don't deserve second chances. Work on your self esteem so that you can choose someone worthy of you.

You do not say why things went pear shape.The reason why you broke up in the first place will most likely provide the answer as to what changes are required to perhaps restore the previous situation. The irony is that possessive personality traits ("keep him forever") create unhappiness by strangling every inch of freedom in their relationship.It is certainly not as simple as "cheaters don't deserve second chances", because he might have good reasons for not wanting to come back to you.

Simply be the boss.. you have a kid together you should get married.. demand marriage. he's not MAN enough to take responsability... therefore you should leave him and force him to wake up; by giving him the feeling of losing you he will want you back, when the time comes you set the price.. let him leave that family-breaking b* and marry you the next day...

Don't talk to him much and treat him as total stranger, serve him tea during visits, but don't go intimate to even hug him.. and you can tell him in the face that he disrespects you, and that he's not a MAN.. hurting his pride will help him see that he's doing wrong and he should make it right.

hey you forgot what to do with the kid.. throw him in a foster house.. HELL NO!! :-| you're right cheaters should be kicked in the balls, but parents should take the responsability of kids, he's a father and making a family fight will hurt the kid mentally. the solution is as I stated above to the best of my knowledge :S

Dave Dave Dave... A woman will never be the boss and DEMANDING marriage is ludicrous. What she needs to do is get some help, talk to a therapist or a self help group. She needs to take care of herself and get strong enough to take care of herself and her child. it is no easy task but something she needs to do. The stronger she gets the better she will feel and buy not needing him he may begin to see how strong she is. You yourself said he is not a man... he is a boy who is running scared. and you... you sound like you want to be right, and certainly want a man to do what is right. I'll give you credit for that. I think hurting his pride will only push him further away. you are right she should keep her distance, for her sake as well as for her child.