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how do i get a gril to have sex with me ?

Published on June 22, 2009 by lover1

ok i gave up on love i dont think it is real i never had a gril friend i dont think there is any that like me now i just want to see what it feels like


Hello there my friend that remember myself when i was growing up and the only thing that i can think off was only sex ! before i can can answer that question how old are you ? do you know the girl you want to have sex with ? do she like you and be willing to go in a date with you ? or do you want just to have sex with any girls? the most importnat thing do you have a job, a car or make money? those all the simple things to get girls and also the talking know what i mean without being shy!

i got really horny once i really wanted some dick, but my boyfriend got embarrased. but if i were you go to a srip clup to get prepared.

just ask her and if she says yes and ur inbaraced to show ur body close ur eyes both of u and take off ur slow slowly and go under the sheets and have fun

Lover1, you've got things a little out of order. At least just a little. I'm very curious as to your age. If you are under 20, advice will be a little different.

Assuming you ARE under 20, don't feel so left behind by love. In fact many people never experience their first love untill even after 20. Having sex usually comes about by mutual feelings of love, or at least attraction. Although statistics claim that the average age of having a first sexual encounter is 17. There are MANY that never have their first sexual encounter untill 19,20, or even later. In fact, if you remove from that average factor the "KIDS" that have sex at 14,15,and 16, the average age would be 20!

More than just a possible partner, it seems you are lacking confidence and 'self esteem'. Just finding a sex partner is not going to really give you those. You have to work for those. If you 'got lucky' about all you would end up with would be ' ego', which stilll wouldn't address your shortcomings.

Work On Self! So long as your focus is on finding a sex partner, you have no real appreciable goal to realize. And finding someone just to have sex with really isn't going to do anything for you--honestly!

Be patient. There are many Ms. 'right's out there for you. Perhaps just now--you are not Mr. Right. If that's the case, and you try to push too hard, all you'll end up with is Ms.WRONG! Work at making yourself happy with yourself. A personal athletic program, a challanging sport or hobby, paying closer attention to your appearance and hygene--dress,haircut,etc.(No, don't wear a dress, that's not what I meant), taking interesting classes and learning new things, managing your money well. All of these are things that will help you feel more comfortable with yourself. The way you walk says much about you. People subconsiously notice such things. When you have confidence and sef esteem, it shows in everything about you. Women that also have a healthy attitude about themselves will find you more attractive.

One last BIGGIE! If you use drugs, or drink to excess, this will also show. It will inhibit your mind and personality from having a healthy outward appearance.

So, bottom line. Make a life for yourself that some attractive, healthy, Ms. Right willl want to be a part of----and you'll never regret it. Sex, just for sex's sake, is highly over-rated, and very unfulfilling. With the right person, when you are the right person, sex can be the icing on your cake. But first---MAKE THE CAKE! You'd be amazed at what a few weeks to a few months with the proper focus can start to acheive.

Do not worry about love! Concentrate on your people skills. talk to women ask them up for a drink etc. I would recommend living alone as roommates can be problematic. Buy condoms and learn to look like you don't want sex but do. This is about gaining experience and learning how to sexually please a woman.