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How do i get a date?

Published on February 6, 2010 by lance0119

I am a college student and have been told i am a very attractive and nice guy, i dress well and am in decent physical condition with good hygiene; however when i ask a girl on a date she always says shes not interested in a relationship at the moment or only is interested in me as a friend. I am able to gain females as friends but it stops at a friend level. Essentially my question is how to tell if a girl is interested in me as a possible boy friend and if so how to approach the issue dating.


You raised some very interesting points. The whole dating issue has changed significantly over the last few years. Even the concept of a "Date" seems to evoke an awkward response from many people. Perhaps it might be worth considering to take a really good look at yourself as to how you project yourself and what you think others may see in you. The ability to look confident, yet friendly and open would be points to consider. Suggestions would also include approaching someone you are interested in and try a more casual approach, as in lets go for coffee. You may also consider asking for help or advise with some of your college courses. As you spend time with someone, they may find that you are more than they thought. Hope this may help you get started. Thanks for asking.