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How do I get a boyfriend?

Published on September 5, 2010 by singingsousa

I can't seem to get a boyfriend. The guys Im interested in don't like me in that way.They usually just want to be my friend. I flirt and sometimes make things obvious about liking them but they never ask me out. I try playing hard to get they don't ask me out. I told the friend of a guy I like that I like him knowing he would tell him--still nothing. Im super nice and friendly. Im bubbly and easy going, always in a good mood.Im pretty confident. I always dress nice and try to look my best and smell good. Im told Im pretty and that Id make a guy very happy but guys don't seem to be romantically ATTRACTED to me. For example my best guy friend whom I was crushing on since I met him-has told me he thinks Im pretty and have an awesome personality and like being around me but he just sees me as a friend. I need to get out of the friend zone with guys. I want them to want to hug me and hold my hand and kiss me.