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how do i get back with the man i am in love with and says he is still in love with me

Published on June 2, 2010 by uhappy

met him him through a friend 2004 he was married i was separated, he is now divorced. we had a beautiful first 2 yr relationship and the closer he was becoming divorce he seem to distance his self from me we talk all the time he said he needed me tobe more understanding. i tried but from past relationships i couldnt trust or believe what he was saying. he was very nice to me and helpful spent everyday together for at least a year i know he was having finanacial problems in his marriage but i felt if i could walk away from my marriage he could to. i was already separated when we met, didnt plan to fall in love and felt i had did the very thing i said i would never do date a married man. 2006 i moved away, for fear of being hurt, during this time he had a triple bypass and divorced. i have moved back 2009 have not seen him talk briefly he has been divorced now a year. i would see him some of the time when i came home to visit i have not been in any relationship since. we spoke week ago prior to me askking you this, he said he is going thru something and i have to understand he says he is still in love with me and would share one day. i called him one time when i was living out of town private and he anwsered hi baby, thought i was someone else that is why i think he is in a relationship with someone else he says he is not. he says i disappointed him by leaving town and i did call his house once before i did i am not proud of anything i did but there r somany unanswered questions. i am truly in love with him and want to believe he really meant that he was still in love with me. he does not call , i am heart broken, what do i do. no i am not obsessedjust dont know what to believe.


It's clear that no matter his feelings, he isn't willing to get back together with you at this point in his life. And he is also not willing to answer the questions you need to know. He is putting distance between you two, which is sending a clear signal that no matter what he says, he isn't interested in a relationship and it's been a long time. Will he ever be ready for a relationship with you? I don't think he will.