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how do i find the partener of my type?

Published on July 8, 2010 by sandra renita

am a cool gal who is so loving, understanding, humble and beautiful it seems the guys i found they take me for granted i try my best to show them all my love but they seem to care less i have been dating guys who drink and they have been taking me out which i like so much but they all do not like calling me when iam away i truly need some one who will understand me who will be there for me call me more often send me texts and buy me some gifts what should i do? do yuo know any guy of such type? am in Malawi but i can follow the guy whereever if he provides everything i mean transport. please i need your help


I don't think relationships work quite like that. To get you have to give, but you can't just give to get. You have to be putting in the work because you want to, because you think the person is worth it. Are you looking for a boyfriend or a sugar daddy?