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how do i find out if it is his kid

Published on June 3, 2010 by ttweedy

back in july i found out that something happened between my husband and this girl and still to this day i dont know exactly what bc both of them deny anything happened .about a month later she said she was pregnant but it was her new boyfriends baby and the dad is black,well she had the kid and the baby is white,my husband says there is no way its his cause they didnt have sex and she says its this black guys kid.i dont know what to do . she was a close friend of mine and she knows how much i love do i i find out if this is his kid or not?


The only way to know for certain is for them to do a paternity test. This means your friend (on the baby's behalf) and husband would have to agree to be tested. Do you think they would be willing to do that? If they really didn't sleep together, it shouldn't be an issue. It seems to me you suspect they did, even though they deny it.

When you ask for medical proof, you'll know by your friend's and husband's reaction what you should do next.