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How do i find out if hes single and tell him i like him without looking desparete

Published on April 7, 2010 by kat951

I like this guy and his the co workers are always there and basically I have to do it in front of them because they all take thier coffeee break together..I am a coffee truck driver so I only see him for about 5 mins and its in front of the co workers..can you give me an idea how to ask without making a fool of myself in case he is married or has a gf..I really need help on this one asap thank you


Can you ask his friends? Or why not just ask him? If time is of the essence you don't have time for recon, just ask him if he has a girlfriend. Flirt with him. If he's married, he'll have a ring. If he turns you down, smile and say "your loss." Or could you slip him a business card with your phone number on it?