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How do i calm down?

Published on March 4, 2010 by sammichick93

I love my boyfriend and when we are together things are great, more than great there just amazing and after two years it still feels amazing when were together ....but when were apart it a whole other story. I worry about everything and if he isnt texting me back or answering my calls i just cant stand it i freak, i dont mean to be clingy or anything i just hate being away from him as is and when im not talking to him itsa even worse, i cant seem to stop its hard not texting or calling him and i need to stop or im going to push him away...any tips or advice please the last thing i want to do is lose him because i cant calm down.


I am pretty sure you are insecure.

The best thing to do is to sit down with your man and have a conversation about this and only this. Keeping it to yourself and in the dark from him is only going to make it worse. If there is something he can do to help you get over it then ask for his help.

I had a girlfriend I was feeling rather insecure about. So I outright told her that I was feeling rather neurotic and told her what I was experiencing. there was really nothing on her part that she could really do. But every time I felt that way I talked to her about it instead of hiding it. I am glad that I did, it only took a few chats with her and I felt like it was no longer a problem.

You need to find other things to do than worry and obsess over him. Get active, start running, start a hobby. In the end, its a mind over matter issue. You need to make up your mind to stop and every time you feel tempted to text him obsessively, you need to stop yourself.

Why not try this: When he is gone send him ONE email every morning to let him know that you are thinking of him. Then send him ONE text at lunch and (unless he is busy) ONE phone call in the evening. That way when you feel tempted to call him, you can remind yourself that you already contacted him and that you will contact him again in so many hours