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How do i break up with my boyfriend

Published on June 4, 2010 by patit

My boyfriend keeps cheating and lying to me and when i find out he alway know what to say to get me to forgive me so i would really like to know what i can do to get him out of my system


Get counseling and get some self esteem. This guy is a user and your insecure enough to accept it. There are a ton of men out there, and many of them will treat you at least as good as this one. Also, sleep with his friends, it's a nice parting gesture to a-holes like this, it will knock him down a few pegs and you might actually have a good time!

Seriously, men like this exist because women will tolerate any behavior to have a man by their side.

There is no reason to pine after someone who mistreats you like your boyfriend does. He's demonstrated over and over again, he doesn't care about you and does not respect you. I don't agree getting revenge by sleeping with his friends is a good idea, it will probably make the situation worse and it doesn't change what your boyfriend's done to you anyway.

You have to believe that you are worthy of a boyfriend who treats you better. You are, even if you don't believe that right now. There is never a reason to put up with being this way.

Better self-esteem will help you not put up with this kind of treatment in the future. You can improve your self-esteem, it will take some time, but it's worth it.

Here are a couple of articles I wrote with some simple tips for boosting your self-esteem. They will help.

Good luck to you!