I guess there is no easy way or way to not do it without hurting him. Both parties are going to come out dirty and injuries I guess what I am going to say. But if you are going to break up with him there is obviously reasons behind this and talking and working it out will not help. Don't lie, you need to be honest with yourself, after all it is you that your got to live with long. You need to be free of all the weight if that is going to hurt him then sadly your gonna have to hurt him. Also if the reasons for the break up are serious enough don't suggest being friends that is not fair and sometimes hurt more then a clean and honest break.

I would agree with Darla. Don't suggest being just friends, as that's sort of a false promise in most cases. Just try to make a clean break of the whole relationship. Be honest, say that you feel the relationship has run its course, and that you don't think it will work out anymore. Don't launch into any personal attacks or blame yourself or him (i.e. "It's me, not you"). Just end it.