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How do i be more happy??

Published on November 22, 2012 by jth3994

Im always known as the happy girl! the girl that everyone wants to be around and spend time with because when i am around people I always put on a happy fun fornt but once i get behind losed doors im not that person i feel like i cant save myself from myself and i feel like ihave depression issues. i just dont know how to be happy with what i have and enjoy everybit of life!! i care to much about love because ive never had it i just dont know how to fall in love with life. i guess i just need to find myself so i can love myself


well why dont u sit and write on a piece of paper the things that might make u happy if doing it other but falling in love and start doing it'll easy ur life for you and love will come to you when you never expect it to come.what dd u mean by the last sentence if i may ask plz"i guess....myself?just to see how to help u with this.