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How do I ask my crush on a date?

Published on May 8, 2010 by tangtom

Hello. I am someone who has a crush on a girl, (I am a guy) and I don't kow really how to ask her, since im a very shy person and blush easily.I dont know what to do! Can anyone help? oh, 1 more thing: She sits next to me in 2 of my classes, and asLOTS of friends.

Please help!!! :)


Ok, well since it may be hard for you to actually go up and talk to her, you may want to try an old school approach. Get a greeting card that is blank on the inside with some sweet picture on the outside. Then on the inside of the card, keep it simple and say " I would really like to get to you know you. Can we go out for a drink?" sign your name and phone number. If she is interested, she will smile and call you. If she is not interested, its good that you found out now so you can stop wasting time thinking about it. Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes.