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how do i ask my bf to give me more Foreplay?

Published on August 5, 2010 by exstasis

our sex is very predictable and my bf dosent give me forplay. i have to get myself off. i havent orgasmed in 3mon. i been faking it. ive asked my bf for foreplay but to no avail. i dont know what else i can do. i dont want to cheat on him but i'm starting to think about it. we have been together 3yrs and its always been the same.


I think your bf is seriously missing out. For a guy, it is an incredible feeling when a woman climaxes during sex while her guy is plunged deeeeep inside her! By not giving you a climax he is just totally missing out.

So, what can you do about? Aside from me having wild sex with you to nail your ass?? , well, talk to your guy but in the language a man understands. Example: do not EVER say "why don't you make out with me more before intercourse" or "why dont you lick my puy" instead say, "when you kiss me and play with my puy / boobs, it makes me very hot" , "it makes me want to suck you deep" , or "it makes me want to jump on you and start having wild sex" ... see where I am going with this, provide positive affirmation, tell him what he should do more, and the reward he will receive from that, lol.. stay away from saying anything the men call "nagging", lol