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How do get your boyfriend to be on time?

Published on March 4, 2010 by vickstar

My boyfriend is ALWAYS late. I told him it's annoying because it wastes my time. He will say he is coming at 7 and will come 30 minutes later. When we are going to meet someone he will be late which is soo annoying because it makes me look bad too. He always apoligizes and says he won't again, but then does. Today he told me he was always on time to work and class which he thought was helpful but it just added insult to injury that he thinks my time is worth nothing. He won't even tell me when he is late. I have to call him. It's one of the only problems we have, but I feel like it's gonna keep causing petty fights so I want to stop it now. I don't mind him being late every now then, but it is seriously every day.


I have an idea of what you can do,

Next time you make a date with him, and he is not on time, go do something else. If he does not want to be on time, "unless there is a damn good reason" show him that you are not going to hang around and wait for him.

make planes with him but tell him to come an hour early and then he will be on time . ido this all the time with my friends and it works

When you are giving him a time to be somewhere, fudge the time and tell him to be there 30mins before the event actually starts.

Otherwise, don't wait for him. The more you coddle him and wait around for him the more he is going to get the message that its okay to be late. Just leave him. Don't call. If you are meeting a friend, then you and the friend have a good time. Don't worry about your BF. Don't wait around for him. The more you wait for him, the more he is getting the message that its okay to be late.

me and my boy-toy have the same damn problem... I HATE it, because i don't do that to him... so i feel ya...But what these two ppl said would be a great idea either tell him an hr earlier and make him wait or don't wait for him and more to the next thing! ;) good luck...and wish me luck...LOL

Ughh these boys!

Thanks everyone! It's not that I wait for him for dates or anything it's more like when he is coming to my house and i'm studying so I usually will be there when he is late. I guess I'll just tell him not to come if he is gonna be late. The other way he is late is when we are meeting someone our realtor and then it looks bad. ughhh. He said he will be a better time estimator. like say he is coming between 8-9 its seems to be working!