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How did i get into Limbo?

Published on November 20, 2013 by borona2000

My relationship was great until i somehow got into limbo. we where great together until things began to change and my boyfriend of 3 years began to spend less and less time with me. he kept telling me that he needed to work on his career we took a break which led to a breakup on his behalf. once he broke up with me. he keeps looking for me and like a school girl i fall into it. he doesnt contact me at all except for sundays when he txt me so we can meet up for morning coffee.i luv it. but is it enought for a future relationship? what do i do i know. im terrified because ive been thru plenty of breakups but this one is different


Dear Borona,

I don't care how much work, study, or personal time is out there in people's lives. We spend time on the things and people we want to be involved. My advise: let him go and go your own way. He broke up with you and there is no reason he won't do it again. From your description, he seems to be going to you when it is convinent for him. He has to meet you halfway. For relationships to thrive, couples must spend at LEAST one date per week. That's 1-2 hours out of a person's busy schedule out of a possible 168 hours. Some people may think more or less. I firmly believe this is a minimum to develop a long lasting and profound relationship. Is 1-2 hours a week really a big inconvinence to anyone? If he thinks you are worth it, he'll make the time for you. If you want to give it one last shot with this guy, lay your cards on the table and tell him what you want. Understand plans do fall through sometimes and if they do, a man who truly cares will make it up to you. If they fall through too many times, that's a behavioral pattern that is incompatible for what you want out of a relationship. Good luck.