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How to deal?

Published on October 4, 2010 by cupcakemomma

So my man and I have hit some hard issues recently, well, not really recently, but ongoing, and recurrent with big gaps in between. They are related to values and morals, and what commitment is. I don't want to go into huge details, but we have extremely differing opinions on what types of online and "self loving" behaviors are acceptable in a relationship, and he also claims to have an addiction to certain types of websites.. And after massive research, I believe him. But what I'm wondering is, How do I stay positive and supportive with out being pushy while he comes to terms with his issues? Even though I understand his behavior I am finding it hard to not react when he makes choices that are harmful to our relationship. Is it possible to be strong and helpful when I feel destroyed by his actions?


I am sorry but if you are on opposite sides when it comes to sex you are going to have a hard time making it work and last. Are you willing to change your beliefs for him? Because that is what you are asking him to do. I am not saying that couples of different faiths can’t work but this sounds like you are condemning him telling him what he is doing is wrong and to change. Good Luck I hope you figure it out.