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How to deal with my Mother-in-law?

Published on April 27, 2009 by gina8402

My mother-in-law wants to be the only women in my husband's life. She calls and stops by with out calling. If he buys me something she cries that he did not buy her anything. When me and my mother-in-law go out she tells me that my marrige to her son will not last and that i need to divoce him. I don't know what to do about her at all.


Well, this sort of happened to me. My Ex-Husband's mom was very smothering about him. All she ever wanted was to have her son over to her house and to have all his attention. It was a bit disturbing actually to know that a mother would be that infatuated with her son. When I would talk to her, she would make these innuendos about how his family needed him there and how he couldnt leave them. and it wasnt just her, her sister(his aunt) would jump into it as well and make it a point to always tell me how much her sister(ex-hubs mom) would miss and worry about her son. And my answer was always, "well, to bad he's not 10 years old anymore" ... ultimatley, our marriage ended because we were just opposites but I can tell you that I stuck to my guns and did not let her get the last word. Your husband will be the one to have to tell his mother that what she is doing is wrong and that there is no competition between you two. The last thing you want is to make him choose between you and his mother. Because we all know that there will never be a right winner there. I will tell you this, when my marriage was ending, and we were in our last final days... she did talk to me to apologize for anything she may have done to ruin our marriage. Perhaps she was sincere or perhaps she was clearing her conscience or perhaps she was playing the good guy.. but there is a certain satisaction to know that A) she knows she did wrong and B) I was able to tell her.."YES! You did have a lot to do with us ending!"