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how to deal with adhd/biploar

Published on July 8, 2012 by sooverit

My kids 9 and 13 and i all have adhd/biploar problems...what wouldbe the best medicine for me and ones for my kids to help cope with it. I also have bad anxiety attacks.


Hi Michelle,

The fact that both you and your kids are exhibiting these problems is no surprise,this happens a lot in families these days. But it might be a surprise to hear that there is no best medicine that's going to clear this up or heal your problem. We're not doctors here, and we would not be able to diagnose or recommend drugs anyway.

But since you, like many parents and children, are suffering from chronic problems that are lifestyle-based, your best approach: Start to get to the root of these issues by working on improving your digestion. Studies show that when kids' digestion improves, conditions like ADD/ADHD, Asberger's, autism and other brain problems dramatically change, symptoms subside, cognition reappears and behavior definitely shifts. Good nutrition is key.

One of the fastest, non-toxic, and by the way, cheapest ways is to help your family get more nutritious, probiotic-rich (good bacteria) foods like yogurt, kefir, naturally-cultured (using salt, not vinegar) pickles and condiments like sauerkraut, kimchi and even fizzy, "pop-of-the-past" kombucha (come boo' cha) tea. Cheap and easy to make at home.

You might be surprised to see how quickly things can improve when you get you and your family's "gut brain" working again... And I wrote the book that can help you get up to speed quickly with this: Truly Cultured --including many simple, tasty recipes, even kids like. You can find out more in my profile and at

Best to you, Nancy Lee Bentley Wholistic Health Expert

You need to see a psychiatrist AND your regular doctor about this (since mental health often affects physical health and vice-versa). There are many drugs available to treat these conditions. Some of them can be quite successful, but it is often a matter of trial and error before you and your health care professionals find the most effective drug and dosage for you. The effectiveness of treatment is often enhanced by seeing a therapist in addition to taking medication.

Getting treatment for your kids for bipolar disorder will be difficult. pharmaceutical companies and doctors/psychiatrists are VERY reluctant to prescribe mental health medications for people under the age of 18 (with the exception of ADHD - they seem to love medicating THAT).

If you have not already done so, you may wish to check with your kids' schools' special education programs to see what can be done to most effectively adapt to your kids needs.

Getting involved with a support group would also be very helpful in being able to talk with people who are familiar with what you're going through. Faith provides great comfort to some people - your church/synagogue/mosque/etc. is there for you.

You do not mention whether or not there is a man in your life right now. If there is (especially if he's your husband and/or the father of your children), it would be very good for him if he joined a support group for those whose partners are dealing with mental issues.