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How could one cope with suspicion in a woman?

Published on August 3, 2010 by el-zaheedten16

Six months ago,i cheated on my girl of 2yrs on a date. She is 21yrs,and am 28yrs of age. I promised her never to cheat on her again,which she agree and took me for another chance,for the love she has for me. Now,am a real change person as promised. But,my girl is always suspicious of me.She dnt's always want me around my female working collegeas, nieghbors and old school friends. Pls,how can i deal with this cituasion or is suspicion part of women DNA?


Once a woman is scorned, it is extremely difficult to regain her trust. Especially with cheating. I understand that you are constantly having to answer her questions and "deal" with something that seems to be "her" issue, since like you said you are a changed man. However, you were the one to compromise her trust and disrespect her. You can not control how someone will react to you and your actions, and you shouldn't try to control her emotions. My point, she will continue with this until she feels sure that you will not betray her again. How long that will be, who knows. In the mean time, your WHOLE world needs to be a COMPLETELY open book for her to read and see in order to allow her to see you are genuine. If you're not, move on and let her deal with her pain. If you love her AND respect her, SHE needs to be your world, and you'll not be angry with her wanting to know every little detail that you do or who you talk to. Hope this helps.