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How to convince my partner I'm not cheating?

Published on June 18, 2009 by jessxhearts

My boyfriend and I have been going strong for months now, but now he's convinced I'm cheating on him. I never have and I never will, I've tried telling him how much he means to me, but he won't listen. so how do I convince him I'm not two-timing?


first of all, if he isnt listening to you then perhaps its not worth it, but if its not wat u feel then how about showing him that you are not cheating on him, perhaps his friends are giving him the wrong impression of you and your bf is letting his friends tell him what to do. How did he get the idea that you are cheating on him in the first place? make him see that if he looses you then he'll be the bigguer loser, you are strong dnt forget that, if you have tried many times to let him understand that there is no way u rnt cheating on him, but he doesnt understand try to think like him, like what gave him that silly idea, who gave him that idead, and things like that. Remenber that most man go with wat some of his friends tell him and that they want. Think first and then show him he's the only one for you, and try to have a calm talk with him... best of luck to ya.


it sounds like your boyfriend may have some insecurity issues, feelings of not being good enough, or perhaps he cannot trust himself, or maybe he's been cheated on in the past. do you happen to know if his jealousy is a pattern? has he been like this in other relationships?

one thing to remember is this isn't your issue it is his, and it's not healthy for you, or him, to be in a relationship with no trust. the most important thing in any relationship is that you can communicate with each other, tell each other how you feel no matter how hurtful you might think your words might be to the other person - after all you cannot upset somebody with your words, they can only get upset by their perception of your words and their own insecurities about what you have said.

i would suggest that you talk to him about how you feel, and tell him that you want to be with him but you cannot stay with him if his jealousy and paranoia continues.

be strong and stay fabulous, because you are!


When your mate is insecure, it's almost impossible to convince him or her that you're being faithful. Usually, their insecurities have nothing to do with you. It's usually something that happened in their past, and you become the target of whatever happened. If he won't believe you, then you may have to take a long hard look at how this is going to work.

You cannot convince him, and the more you contort yourself trying to convince him, the less he will believe you. Jealousy and paranoia at this level is clinically unhealthy; there is even a syndrome with a fancy name, if only I could remember it. This is nothing to do with with misunderstandings or what his friends told him or a mild case of low self-esteem. This is potentially dangerous to you. People with this much unfounded and uncontrollable jealousy do turn violent to their women. It never gets better: it always gets worse. You might not believe it possible from where you are standing now, "going strong" as you put it. I was in your position and thought I could work it out, until, more than 20 years later, mine tried to kill me out of completely unfounded jealousy. You cannot help this man. Get out now.

I just got irritated and left him.

If he doesnt trust you, then maybe he doesnt really love you sweety /-: Or at least, thass how I look at it.. &|`dd suppose he REALLY does love you, obviously he has insecurity issues. Maybe he really isnt that sure that you love him because if he knew for a fact that the feelings are strong, he'd know that no-one can take you away from him...

with this said, I agree w|.CareyLove .