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How to come out of this relation?

Published on January 7, 2012 by abc12


I was in love with karthik and he was a nice person. I knew his family and friends, and he knew my family as well. If I had continued this relationship I would have settled in life and life would have been the happier life. But I left him and fell in love with one of his friend by name pradeep. Karthik was against this and he tried all possible ways to drag me out from this but I didnt listen to him. Atlast Kartink left me and I was with Pradeep.

I know Pradeep from past 2 years. I stay with my mom and she doesnt know abt this. However she know pradeep as a person and doesnt have a good opinion about him. I am from a traditional family and a bhramin, pradeep had physical relationship with me, keeping this as a target he abuses me, avoides me from my friends, I canot take anydecisions on my own.

I have to attend his calls anytime. If I dont he abuses me with bad words. On new year he took me out and he drank nicely and than slaped me very badly. my mom is very old i dont have dad. He uses very bad language to abuse me and says he will come to my office and will tell them I am a procetute and will make sure that i will be terminated from my job. I had called his mom once and told her that he is doing like this, She spoke to him and now he blackmails me stating that if i call his home again he will call my office.

He had also come to my office and did all nonsense things. He has lot of infulence and his father and brother are in the police department, with this power he is thretning me. even if I dont want to be with him I am not able to leave him as he blackmails me. I am fed up of his abuses and blackmail.I want to comeout of this relationship, But he is not allowing me to go. How to come out of this??? 


First I want you to know I’ve been involved with a similar situation. I cannot determine from your post if you are located in the US. But if so, go to this website and educate yourself. Second you need to tell your close friends and family members and ask for their help. I know this is not easy, believe me I really do understand. But, you need peoples help and support. Do NOT try to do this on your own. Third, you must protect yourself and those you live with a restraining order. Document EVERYTHING he does and says to you. Keep every text and voicemail that proves his abuse. There is help, don’t be afraid to ask or seek out help. PLEASE do not wait!