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How celebrities influence our relationships with our partner?

Published on August 3, 2014 by morinmiz

Since body image is a great issue among men and woman I want to raise this question to see what people think about how media and celebrities beauty and lifestyle affect our life as well as our love life and relationships?


Interesting post. I think the possibilities are endless. I don't think we would see nearly the amount of "selfies" published online, nor the preoccupation with physical perfection. Relationships in real life are always flawed, of course we don't see that with celebrities. IMHO the internet, Facebook, and Twitter are all having damaging effects on the next generation

This is a great question and it's funny because I was just sharing on this exact topic with my Inner Self Diet clients yesterday.

What most don't think about (or know) when they look at a celebrity is that That Person is a Business. It is their job to look fantastic and unless you live with them, you don't know exactly what it takes for them to look like they do.

Additionally, when you see an image of that One Celebrity, you're also not realizing that they have an entire Team of People that help them look like they do. So that one celebrity is a creation of 30 or more people, from make up artists, hair teams, chefs, personal assistants, personal trainers, life coaches, stylists, personal shoppers, etc. etc.

So... when a non-celebrity compares their body to a celebrity, there really isn't a good comparison there, because you're not comparing the same level with the same level (or lifestyle). On top of that, images you see are often touched up so if you were to hang out with that celebrity in person on a day-to-day basis, you may just find that they are not as perfect as they appear in the images you see.

Bottom-line: The ONLY person to compare yourself to in your life is....YOU. If You have a strong desire to get fit, lose weight, and do it all without struggle, drama, or deprivation, then great! Do that for YOU and compare your results with yourself. But take note... in order for all of that to be struggle-free, 90% of the solution is about healing your Inner Self, which by the way, would release any need to compare yourself with others (great benefit in addition to the struggle-free weight loss results)!

Never compare your inside to someone else's outside.

To Your Best Life...IN Your Ideal Body,

JoLynn Braley Weight Loss Mindset Expert Founder of The Inner Self Diet