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How can you tell if a guy is interested?

Published on June 5, 2010 by carley

I have gotten divorced and now back in the dating game. I have known this man for a long time. He to is divorced. I seen him at church and we have gotten closer. We are at the friend level right now. In the beginning many was telling me that the way he was acting he was interested. When I was invited to be apart of a bible group outside the church, the girl over it would say that this guy wanted my number to make sure that I was coming and knew what was going on. He has text me a lot, gotten my number from that girl. He has sat in the seat in front of me, has looked my way and smiles and laughs when we talk. He is into the same stuff I am. He has held my hand a couple of times but only for a few seconds. He hugs me at church when he sees me. He was acting like he wanted to talk and now he seems distant. He won't text anymore, I dont push if because I dont want to scare him away.


It's a bad sign if he can't ask you for your number (not you're friend), and not have the ability to ask you out on a date. Making goo-goo eyes and texting you is a joke if you're over the age 13. He's a big boy, been married just like you and he's playing baby games.

Sounds like he as other women the friends with benefits kind, and wants to see what's out there. Do not go after this guy, he's just playing games.