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How can selfish man love someone?

Published on August 22, 2009 by sweetlalaine

I just broke off my boyfriend who's is so selfish. He tells me that he loves me but I really don't believe him at all because he is not considerate, only thinks about himself and is not easily adaptable to changes, very hard to please and complains a lot. I believe that selfish men don't know how to love or share with someone. He is just too vain or too selfish.


Just going by what I'm reading here, I'd say you did the right thing. He is both and your right, someone like that does not have the capacity to love unless they are willing to step outside of themselves long enough to be there and show true caring and compassion for another person.

I feel you truly did the right thing by leaving him. If you stay with a person like that, you will end up being hurt and always feeling empty inside because that person never can show any real warmth toward you as a person.

I've been where you are. It's always HIM that matters. HIS career. HIS car. HIS house. It's all about HIM! HIM! HIM! ... and never about you. Does he ever even ask how your day went or how you are feeling? Nope, because you have to spend all that time catering to him. Unequal relationships are awful

You did the right thing by letting him go. He can't love you. He won't love you. Focus on yourself and get out there and find the man who will treat you as an equal!

A selfish pe5rson can not love someone else. Love is an action word and it requires selflessness, putting someone else first. Breaking up with him was smart.

Selfish people not just men(to be fair) are incapable of feeling the type of emotions that produce the actions that make others feel loved. The single most important person in thier world is them. It does happen, not always successfully that they are fortunate enough to meet that person that knocks them off their high horse straight into love. Move on, he will always have himself.

That's all I have bumped into when I was dating men: Extremely self centered bas.... who did not give a rats a.. but themselves which I am tired of dealing with. The sad thing is that they fail to not realize that them being that way are they 'spreading' their attitudes and behaviors to all others to learn from...and they can't seem to know why their relationships don't last? Dahhh! Who wants to date a man or woman who does not enjoy sharing? I sure as hell don't. And then there are the men who are just plain stupid that have to be reminded or told how they are, because (by their excuse) they don't realize that they are being that way. Overall, relationships no matter who you eventually hook up with take work, but if it becomes to much work and no is then time to reconsider your options in the relationship you are currently in.