Listen to her. Soothe her feelings. Validate her feelings. Don't let her emotions overwhelm you. Romance her. Compliment her. Give her thoughtful gifts. Hold her. Don't take her anger personally. And never let her walk all over you. If she does something that upsets you, tell her firmly but without raising your voice or blaming her. Also, if she doesn't make you feel appreciated and loved, move on. Don't let a woman grind you into the floor with expectations. She should make you feel proud of yourself as a man, not worried that you aren't rich , handsome and smart enough for her.

I have not asked a man that I have been chatting with for any demands in any way, shape or form. We have been in touch for quite some time and I have come to realize he is very possibly the man that I used to date a long time ago. He will not admit it...why?? I have been thinking about him alot lately. I realize people change when time goes by, but I have not (LOL). I want him to be honest with me, it's very frustrating. I care about him. What should I do?

Hi there, I'm a guy and would recommend any guy to read the book "For Men Only" it's a straightforward guide to the inner lives of women. There is also a book for women to learn more about men. I can tell you a few things I remember from reading this book 5 years ago, that (you might laugh, but you'll agree) women's brains work like pop ups on a computer, they just have pop ups coming and coming, they go from thought to thought and it also mentions that a woman sometimes just want their guy to just listen, not to try and fix it. Which most of us guys are "fixers". I highly recommend reading that book for any guy to better understand women.


First of all, I think it is great that you are asking this question. Many men do not. I find that when working with couples, I end up telling the men and women the same things over and over. Here are a few: - Support her in her aspirations, goals, and achievements. Do not be intimidated if she is a goal-setter and achiever. Support her and she will do the same for you - Listen. As others wrote above, men are "fixers" and often attempt to "fix" things when all she wants is for you to listen. If she starts talking about a problem and you have the desire to help fix, as her, "Would you like me to just listen or would you like some suggestions?" She will tell you. - Compliment her. Especially after the initial romance of a new relationship is wearing off.
- Say "thank you". Sounds easy enough, but it is often lost on long-term relationships. Thank her for the little things and the big things. - Surprise her. Buy a card, leave a note, plan a dinner out. Little surprises go a long way. - Cuddle.