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How can I "wow" my wife in bed tonight?

Published on June 16, 2009 by happyhornyhusband

My wife was a virgin before we started dating. A few years ago while giving my wife oral pleasure, I moved over and started licking her "a$$hole" and she went crazy. It was something I had never done to her. I want to make my wife go "crazy" again, any pointers or suggestions to help me accomplish this again would be very much appreciated.


I think you should ask her what she likes that will make her go "WOW." Every woman is different ask her what her needs are then fulfill.

Wow her before you get into the bed, and that doesnt have to be sexually. 1.making a hot bubble bath with scented beads- i go to the florist shop and get the no so fresh different aarays of flowers unused from the florist and throw the pedals all over the bubble bath and on the floor. The different pedals will give the bath water and room and "WoW" scent and women really love their senses to be awaked. 2. place small candles in the bathroom for heighted mood. Women love ambience and mood. 3. Blended drinks- provided you can keep the bathroom door closed you can throw ice different juices and a shot of bacardi into a drink or a virginanything with coconut and serve that to her while she unwinds in the bath. having a tape or her favorite cd playng in there will help her unwind. 4. Cook dinner, do laundry, and clean the bathroom and the house. Women absolutely lose their minds if a man cleans the oven or do other household cleaning. 5 turn of your phone and any other interupptions, have a female friend,sister or restaurant cook meal or order dinner that will be delivered before she gets out of the bath tub- if she doesnt have a bath tub do the bathroom the smae way, candles flowers peddles and buy some este lauder shower jel, something like and exotic flavor for her. 6. Buy you some new underwear, t- shirt, or dinner jacket and tube socks take a shower and be well groomed. 7. Prepare a candlelight indoor picnic on the floor with chees crackers and grapes. theres a game you play - which is feed each other fruit for ten minutes with a glass of wine but all the while you cant speak to each other. women like the sweet nothings to be nothing said while they savor it all. her an inexpensive house coat with feathers or something sexy. dont try to buy panties bra's or other stuff we guys never understand all that math in the sizes and we men tend to get something sluttier than women perfer and double the insult with the wrong size which can jack up the mood. so best bet is a satin or silk housecoat and she'll know exactly what little number she has alread to compliment it while you sit at the picnic. 9 Foot massage- she's already wowed out speechless and utterly amazed, and the foot massage will top it off, if you have a couple of dollars after you get your beer stop in payless shoes or family dollar and get her some house slippers for after the foot masage. 10. The body massage- starting with her hands after her feets, dont move to her other parts just yet. Sensually tell her your soothing all the worlds static out of her fingers because she still have to play the silent game while you wow her. the massage can go to a full body massage and you can have a romantic dinner because the woman has already had the best wow- a sexual act may not even be needed at this point, but if you do get freaky before dinner this is this concoction i mixed that women love. 11. buy some fresh blueberries and red apples. Cut the apples in really small peices and take the blueberries with a couple of tea spoons of sugar and mash them together to the point where the blueberies and apples still have a form but you made the juices come out. you can fed her this concoction while your eatin it off of her body slurping and what not.