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How can i trust my husband after cheating

Published on April 19, 2009 by lilmama

While i was pregnant my husband cheated on me ALOT, i actually caught a simeple assault charge for the one when i was 8 mths pregnant. Our daughter is a year old now and thers no trust between us. How can i ever trust him again???


Hi I first want to say I know how you feel. My xhusband cheated on me ALOT also. About the only thing I can say is I tried to get the trust back and even tried counseling, but the reality was it wasn't helping. He continued to cheat on me and eventually I had to say enough is enough. I tried for 6 years and couldn't ever get that trust back. After my divorce I ended up in a relationship where he cheated on me again and the trust was gone. I left him and had a huge wall up against all men. I trusted NO ONE. I am now remarried and I can trust again, but it took a long time. All I can really say is it's really hard to get that trust back if you even can. Also a saying that's so true Once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater.

I do not think you will trust him again. I think the "alot" means that this is not about you but about him and he has a need to be with women other than you and he enjoys it. If it was a one time thing - maybe. I look at women like Hillary Clinton and the wife of the NY govenor and say that it is possible. However, I think those women knew what was going on all along and chose to ignore for whatever the reason. I do not think this is you and I do not think you will ever trust his again. Why should you?

I am so sorry. It sounds like he really wrecked the relationship. From my perspective, he has to EARN your trust back. And if he can't do that, you need to ask yourself why you're still with him. You can't have a relationship without trust.