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How can I tell if my man is in love with me?

Published on August 8, 2009 by sweet_nothings79

What are some signs he's in love? I know he likes me a lot cause his actions show it but I'm just curious.. I've been led on a lot in the past and am just scared of getting used and hurt again....


Well, it's awesome that he shows affections, that goes a long way in lettinng you know how he feels. However, anytime you question something like this in your relationship, it might just be a good idea to ask him how he feels about you and the relationship and where does he see it heading. Don't do it all the time (you shouldn't question it that much), but it's best to hear how he feels coming from his mouth.

I think saying it is an important sign. If you're wondering, you can ask him about his feelings.

well he'll always finds a way ..little or simple things to show that you are apple of his eyes. But most of all search deep in your'll find the answer.