Hi cdemski,

I wonder if you mean How can I talk my boyfriend into getting a job?

If that is your question, I would can't. You could talk to him about how you feel about his not working, for sure. It is crucial that you are real about how hard it is for you. BUT. The only person you can change is you. Ultimately you need to accept him as he is.

As you are dating and looking for the right match for yourself, you are going to meet people who don't quite fit your idea of the perfect man. If you are with a man who is not ambitious, you have a decision to make.

Sometimes ambitious men are driven and workaholics...that isn't good either, right? But if you are frustrated with your boyfriends lack of motivation, I would seriously look at moving on. There are lots of ambitious fish in the sea and you get to pick what YOU want.

Good luck! Love, Catherine EFT Cupid