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How can i show my boyfriend that i can't live without him?

Published on May 29, 2009 by eavita

I love my man he's the first in my life and he knows how much i l do love him and he loves matually. i do everything to make him feel that i writes poatries i bring him things and do him whatever he wants and never say no but we have'nt sex yet but it's ok with him... So what could i do more to tell or show him that i truly love him i need him to realize that i have feelings to him even deeper than the love word it self. By the way we are not at the same country but he comes for visits from time to time, so what should i do to him when he's not here i mean in the other country? and what i can do when he comes here? i need advice about everything the phone calls the emails and the text msgs please. thank u :)


First of all how old are you?! You say this is the FIRST guy in your life, & you do EVERYTHING for him?! Take a clue from Janet Jackson & ask What has HE done for YOU lately?! A relationship is a TWO WAY street! How do YOU KNOW he has the same feelings you do!? There's no mystery, thrill of the hunt for him if you lay all your cards out at once! I say if you have told him & have backed that up with action he should already know?! Have you guys actually TALKED about a relationship together and how you want more?! I am sure the feelings are intense, but don’t put them all in one basket if he is not reciprocating what you’re giving him! There will be other guys come in & out of your life. See what's out there, you found him, so I am sure you can find someone you'd be more compatible with?! I am not saying you should have a trail of men, but don’t just pick the first guy who comes along! Your header for your question has me wondering also. Have you heard of the quote: "Immature Love says: “I love you because I need you.”Mature Love says: “I need you because I love you.” -by Erich Fromm? You need to have your own life aside of your relationship. Maybe he is thinking you rely on him TOO much?! Don’t set yourself up to be walked over. You can still care, love a guy without being a doormat! Take the time to communicate what you would like to have happen & how much you care for him. Who knows if you spend more time together he may not be the one at all you thought. Make sure you think about #1! No one else will! I hope this helps! =)

Hmmm. This sounds a bit obsessive to me. Young women should have more to do with their time and energy, focusing on their education, future, financial security, career, etc. than they are worrying about showing some guy that rolls in from another country that they 'can't live without him.'

Of course you can live without him! You do it every day. All men should only be a part of our lives, never the sole focus of our lives. I wish you the best, but I primarily wish that you understand that this kind of focus on someone is unhealthy for you.

Baby should never tell him you cant live without him because guys feed on that and will use you for everything you can offer him! He is not what you live for.... you live for yourself and there is nothing more that you can do to show him your love for him! Im pretty sure he knows you will do whatever for him so what you need to do is see what he has in store for you.....are you apart of his short term and long term goals! If not put him on the back burner and show yourself the attention you show him...... you live for yourself not him!