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How can I show I’m interested in someone in a discrete way?

Published on May 14, 2013 by qra

For years I have had a crush on a client. Our relation has been very professional but with the time have turn in a friendlier one. I have got to know him a lot more and even grab coffee. I know that he has notice that I’m nicer and friendlier. But don’t know if he has notice that I ‘m more interested in him than in a business way and if he has notice is it that he just not that into me and I just don’t have understand it.


Well both of you are adult. You can start by asking him if he can keep a secret. If he says yes, then ask him if he would accept your invite to go out with you and the treats on you. He won't be able to refuse unless he is in a relationship but surely he will want to meet you just to hear you out.Just have no expectations about what could become of your friendship or association or as lovers in the current or future.I would get it off of my chest because apparently your afraid of rejection and you fear he will not be interested,but you should just trust your heart and ask that he be discrete just as long as he doesn't pose a risk to your job