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how can i remember i made the right decision after i dumped him?

Published on September 7, 2010 by mille.maccauley

I dumped my boyfriend of 3 years about two months ago. I left because I wasn't happy with him and everything he did annoyed me. I stayed for so long i think because i love him, and i kept thinking it would get better. it never did and our relationship ended on a very sour note. lots of fighting and verbal abuse. I know I left him because it was the best thing for both of us, but i cant help but miss him. i dont sleep anymore or eat and im just a wreck. I just wonder why I can't seem to move on even though I was the one who dumped him, and for good reasons. I wouldnt want to be with him again.... but I can't get him out of my head. help.


Do things for YOURSELF now! Go out with your friends, take up a hobby you've wanted to try, do things that are meaningful to you, take a mini trip with some good friends and explore a new place. Remember that there are GOOD reasons you ended the relationship and you are a smart, wonderful woman who will find someone new. But for now-- make YOURSELF happy! Good luck!