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how can i relive old intimacy?

Published on October 4, 2010 by sashalyn23

I had a kid 7 months ago. Since I got the Mirena, i haven't been in the mood hardly at all! I was constantly in the mood when i was pregnant, now it just doesn't seem to grab my attention anymore. I love my boyfriend and sex is a big part of our relationship and i would love advice on how to get back to 5-6 times a week!! Please help my relationship?!


Hi sashalyn23,

My wife once told me that she “faked it to make it”. When I was unemployed and not really excited about anything but finding a job, my wife swooped in as I cooked dinner and shared a warm wet kiss and a lot of boody shaking closeness that got the desired effect on me and I think it made her feel good as well. So when the little one rests, use your skills to excite your partner and “fake it to make it” work for you and your guy. I doubt you find yourself faking after the first two minutes.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.