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How can i meet that one girl?

Published on October 3, 2012 by jojo8026

The truth is ive gotten good at controlling my emotions, im slow to anger, quick to love and forgive but i cant take it anymore. I love being single, its given me zoo much freedom in the last 19 years, I've grown so much in the lord because of it. Im tired of it. Ive prayed for so long for god to help me find that one person but nothing has happened, I know the lord is listening but im not getting through. There are girls out there who would love to date a guy like me but they dont ask or approach me at all. Im sick and tired of seeing girls get their hearts broken by jerks, I just wish some one would give me a chance, that would mean the world to me, I just want a nice beautiful christian girl to give me a chance, one date thats all i ask, one date for me to try and change you life, is that too much to ask for ♥


If you are a Christian guy, you need to understand that women in traditional conservative churches usually do not ask men out.

Time to get on the phone, big guy.