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how can i make some one fall in love with me?

Published on March 4, 2010 by dodo

i love some one sooo mush i know every thing about his life iam always seing him but he dont know any thing about me he just know how i look like. but he is telling his freinds that he want to find his girl. i realy love him and i want him to be mine i cant live with out him. how can i get his attention and make him know about me???? beside that i don`t know any one who know him or his freinds plz answer me


First off, talk to him. If you know him so well you must know some of the things you have in common. So, talk to him. Walk up to him and say hi. Flirt with him a little. Start there and see how things go.

You cannot MAKE someone fall in love with you, but you can talk to them. You can flirt a little and you can even ask them out. Try those things.