If you are clingy and needy, it makes him try to pull away and then you feel more clingy and needy, so it just gets worse.

First, you have to pretend you don't feel clingy and needy. Then work on figuring out how to feel less needy. Hang out with your family and friends. Find a skill you're proud of and work on improving it.

Guys often don't want to talk about their feelings. If you can just hang out with him doing things he enjoys, that may make him happy.

Melona, Guys want and need a challenge. The more he has to work for you, the more fulfilled he will feel. Men tend to get bored very easily. You must present a challenge for him. Do not make yourself always available to him. Also most men fall in love with women who are confident and comfortable in thier own skin. Insecurity causes a guy to feel like he has to take care of you and this can very often be a turn off. So if you desire your guy to be madly in love with you, first I suggest you develop self esteem through transformational growth. Read, enroll in classes.Go online and look into Katherine Woodward Thomas' and Claire Zammit's Feminine Power.Excellent self empowerment telecourse.You must learn to be happy and fulfilled without your boyfriend, that alone will draw him to you.

Hi melona,

You cannot make your boyfriend crazy about you. He must feel this way without prompting. Why do you feel you need this? There are guys who want a clingy and needy woman - it works for them. Perhaps this is where you are. Examine the situation and be yourself!

Simply put...make him pursue you. Pull away from him. Engage with friends, family and new events without him. Im not saying ignore him completely, just take a few steps back and get some space. If you are suddenly no available he is going to wonder why and come after you...or he is going to fade away which tells you he just wasnt that into you. Men by nature are pursuers, so let that animal side of him come out and see what happens. Good luck

I have to agree with most of the other posters... become aloof. Find something else besides him to turn your attention to. We are not saying forget about him or never make time for him. If there are other things in your life, then you need to work him into your schedule... you are more interesting to him and your time is precious. He should appreciate that that free time you have, you are choosing to spend with him.